Our Logo

The MSC Law Corporation logo, coloured in green, comprises our law corporation’s name and the “謝” [xiè] icon, which appears at the end of our law corporation’s name.
The “謝” icon is made up of the traditional Chinese character “謝” placed within a circle.

Aside from the fact that the surname of our founder is “Chia”, which is also written as “謝” in Chinese, the character was chosen for the metaphors it conveys, as a whole and in its constituent parts.

“謝” in itself means “to thank” or “gratitude”. This speaks of our gratitude for the grace and mercy of God as well as for the love and support of our families, friends, colleagues and clients. They empower us to be effective and provide us with opportunities to be of service to others in our practice of the law.

“言“[yán] (meaning “words” or “speech”) separated from “射“[shè] (meaning “to shoot” or “catapult”) speaks of the role we play as advocates and solicitors, representing, pleading and championing our clients’ causes fearlessly. When “謝” is used in this context with the Chinese name of our law corporation “謝甦”, it speaks of our ability as advocates (“言“[yán]) to shoot down or destroy (“射“[shè]) our adversaries’ cases and resurrect or resuscitate (“甦”[sū]) our clients’ case.

“言” separated from “身” [shēn] (meaning “body” or “oneself”) and “寸” [cùn] (meaning “a measurement” or “propriety”) speaks of our commitment to conducting ourselves fairly and professionally in our interactions with the courts, fellow lawyers and our clients.

“謝” also doubles up as a representation of a square. It is placed within a circle to convey the Chinese saying “外圆内方” [wàiyuán nèifāng] (meaning “round on the outside but square on the inside”). This speaks of our ability to be principled and firm at the core but tactful and reasonable in all our communications and dealings. Just as it is unwise not to treat an iron fist in a velvet glove with respect, do not mistake our kindness for weakness.

Green is a colour associated with life, vibrancy and hope. Green also communicates safety to proceed, as in traffic lights. Incidentally, the icon coloured in green resembles a green traffic light. This speaks of our ability to bring life and hope to our clients’ cases by advancing their causes with energy and in safety.

The 謝 icon appearing after the name of our law corporation resembles a full stop. The full stop (or period to the Americans) is that simple and effective punctuation mark that is used to size sentences to a suitable length. The full stop rightly divides sentences into logical and complete thoughts that looks and sounds perfect to its user. We hope that like the full stop appearing at the end of a sentence, our law corporation will be that logical, complete and perfect conclusion to our clients’ search for effective legal counsels.