Our Practice Focus

At MSC Law Corporation, we take a client-centric, pragmatic and result oriented approach towards dispute resolution.
Our areas of practice include:-

Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) refers to various means of resolving disputes outside of the Courts. ADR may involve negotiation, early neutral evaluation, conciliation, mediation, or arbitration.

Our lawyers at MSC Law Corporation have experience in using ADR means to resolve or avoid disputes for clients expeditiously and satisfactorily.

Litigation involves actions in the Courts to enforce legal rights or to resolve disputes.

Civil litigation relate to Court actions to redress private wrongs such as breaches of contracts, encroachment or negligence; or to enforce civil remedies such compensation, damages or injunctions.

Commercial litigation involves the resolution of disputes arising in corporate and commercial settings. Most businesses will at some point become involved in disputes, ranging from small everyday matters up to more substantial commercial issues which can threaten the survival of a business.

At MSC Law Corporation, we provide our clients with a professional yet approachable service, offering expert counsel and effective solutions across a wide spectrum of issues.

Our lawyers have experience appearing in matters before the State Courts and the Supreme Court, in applications, trials and appeals, as well as before various other tribunals. Our strong litigation experience places us in a favourable position to assist our clients achieve early and satisfactory resolution of their disputes.

Regardless of the circumstances, becoming the subject of an investigation or prosecution can be an extremely daunting and distressing experience.

At MSC Law Corporation, we make best endeavours to protect our clients’ interests. Be it in putting up a rigorous and compelling defence at trial when a client maintains innocence or in securing the best offer from prosecution in negotiations or in making a persuasive mitigation plea when a client admits guilt, we will spare no effort in fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our lawyers have experience in handing all manner of criminal or quasi-criminal matters, ranging from departmental summons; to juvenile cases at the Youth Court; to arrest cases in the State Courts; to capital offences, criminal motions and appeals in the Supreme Court; as well as Court Martial cases and disciplinary tribunal hearings.

We advise and represent clients in in white collar as well as blue collar offences under various statutory provisions.
Our experience in these matters puts us in good stead to assist clients in private prosecutions and the lodging of Magistrate complaints.
We will hold our clients’ hands throughout the process and put their hearts and minds at ease.

In the area of Family Law, our lawyers at MSC Law Corporation have experience in dealing with issues relating to marriage; matrimonial assets; maintenance; custody, care and control, access, adoption and guardianship of children; as well as domestic violence.

Our lawyers have done work relating to domestic agreements (e.g. pre-nuptial and separation agreements); Court applications relating to adoptions and guardianship of children; applications for divorce or nullity; alternative dispute resolution and litigation relating to Family Law disputes.

The breakdown of a marriage or domestic relations can be emotionally draining, so we take great care in listening patiently to clients’ concerns and needs as well as painstakingly help our clients understand their legal rights and obligations in clear language.

We always strive to achieve equitable outcomes for our clients without senseless acrimony or unnecessary expenditure of time and expenses in litigation.

Foremost on our minds would be the well-being of young children that may be involved in such proceedings and we will do our utmost to shield them from needless emotional trauma.

In circumstances where litigation is warranted, our lawyers will aggressively pursue a just outcome for our clients.

Legal issues over the administration of a person’s property or financial affairs may crop up when he suddenly dies or loses mental capacity. Thorny issues could be circumvented by planning ahead with wills, trusts or a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

When a person passes away, leaving behind property, the deceased’ estate must be administered and distributed in accordance with the law. Depending on whether the deceased made a will during his lifetime, an application has to be made to Court for an executor or administrator to be appointed before the deceased’s estate can be dealt with.

When a person loses mental capacity, unless he has made a LPA before he lost his mental capacity, a deputy may have to be appointed by Court to make certain decisions on his behalf. Parents of children with intellectual disability may also apply to Court to appoint themselves as deputies for their children and another person as a successor deputy to plan for the event the parents themselves lose capacity or pass away.

Our lawyers at MSC Law Corporation have experience in the preparation of wills, trusts and LPAs as well as given advice on various aspects of end of life issues, trusts, estate planning and administration.

We have also acted in contentious and non-contentious Court applications for appointments of executors, administrators and deputies as well as in applications for the re-sealing of grant of representations obtained in foreign courts.

Many day to day operations of running a business, NGO or registered society in Singapore may encounter legal implications. At times, such organisations find themselves uncertain of their legal rights or obligations. Having an experienced lawyer on call equips the organisation with timely legal advice and assistance.

As legal concerns are not limited to multi-national companies, MSC Law Corporation offers SMEs and other smaller organisations a flexible retainer package tailored to their budget as an alternative to maintaining a legal department or hiring an in-house counsel to address their legal needs. Having us on a monthly retainer service will facilitate timely legal advice that may avert dire consequences.

At MSC Law Corporation, we believe that prevention is better than cure.